Lambton College

  • We co-hosted a lab for the Development Service Worker Program. Many of these students had no prior experience working with hearing aids, so we taught them many of the basics of hearing and hearing aid function:
    • Styles of hearing aids.
    • Components of a hearing aids.
    • Batteries – battery life and how to change them.
    • Cleaning tools and caring for hearing aids.
    • How to safely listen to a hearing aid.
    • How to tell if a hearing aid is working and what to do if it’s not.
    • Hearing aid accessories and Assistive Listening Devices.
  • In addition, we also brought our video-otoscope to the lab – it let the students see inside their own and their classmates’ ears and get to know what the inside of the ear looked like.
  • We spent time with the students showing them how hearing aids work and how to take care of and clean them. We also answered any questions they had about hearing and how it works, as well as discussed some mock scenarios that they might encounter once they start working. We let them take a look at different hearing aid accessories and Assisted Listening Devices they may see if their future clients have hearing loss, and discussed what makes them different from the devices they are used to seeing.

Seniors’ Fair

  • We enjoy letting people know what is new when it comes to hearing and hearing technology. When we attended the Seniors’ Fair in Point Edward, we brought displays of the newest technology so people can see what hearing aids look like today. Along with information about the services we provide at our clinic, we also brought information about commonly asked questions people have about their hearing health and about hearing aids. Not everyone who stopped by our booth was interested in hearing technology for themselves, but maybe for a friend or a family member. We had an excellent time answering the questions people had about their own hearing health, their family’s hearing health, and where they should begin their road to better hearing. We really loved how many people were interested in learning more about hearing and we were able to give them connections to additional resources for when more questions arose.

Twin Lakes Training

  • In 2018, we were fortunate enough to make a connection with the nursing staff of Twin Lakes Nursing Home. On several occasions our staff went through the building offering to help maintain and perform minor repairs on the residents’ hearing aids. In addition, we were able to schedule a training day for the nursing staff to teach them more about hearing aids and how to care for them, as well as answer any questions they had regarding specific patients in their care. We discussed the different styles of hearing aids the residents of the building had, basic maintenance of hearing aids, as well as how to tell if the hearing aids were working. Some of the residents also had rechargeable technology, so we discussed the differences in battery life and what charging these devices looks like.

Business Showcase

  • Business showcases are a great way to make connections both with a new audience as well as with businesses in the local area. We brought plenty of information about who we are and what we do, as well as what our mission in the community is and what makes us different. The business showcase was a great opportunity to mingle with other local leaders and talk about how we could work together to provide the best services for our community.

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