Hearing Aids

The technology we provide comes from a much more personal place.

Every audiology practice will tell you that hearing aids are life-changing, while pointing to patients whose lives they’ve touched.

At Bluewater Hearing, our belief in the technology we provide comes from a much more personal place. Our owner, Nashlea Brogan, got her first hearing aids at the age of 18 and has been enjoying their life-enhancing benefits ever since.

We can also attest to the fact that hearing aids make positive changes in the lives of family members, as well. Michelle Brogan, Nashlea’s sister and our Hearing Instrument Specialist, is personally grateful for everything hearing aids have done for their relationship, by making communication easier.

Hearing Aid Types

Exceptional selection of state-of-the-art technology that can take hearing loss sufferers and their loved ones on a fabulous journey toward healthier hearing and a renewed sense of personal connection.

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Invisible Solutions

These tiny devices sit deep inside the hearing canal, where the only person who knows about them is the wearer. They have long-term batteries and are intended to stay in place for months at a time.

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Rechargeable hearing aids feature built-in batteries that charge-up easily and can provide an entire day’s worth of crystal-clear hearing on a single charge.

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Smart Phone Compatible

Your smartphone is connected to just about everything else in your life—why not your hearing aid? Hearing aids that can be controlled directly from a smartphone; that means no more trying to manipulate small controls or having to remove a hearing aid when you need to see the controls.

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless hearing aid tech is giving people with hearing loss a whole new sense of freedom. Connect your hearing aids to your smartphone for hands-free calling, TV for personalized, discreet volume control, or stream sound at a concert or lecture, take advantage of the wireless revolution in amazing ways.

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TV Solutions

By using Bluetooth technology, wireless hearing aids allow the wearer to select whatever volume level he or she needs, while keeping the actual room volume at a comfortable level for others.

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Hearing Aids

We dispense several major hearing aid brands allowing you to choose from the most advanced technology available today. Our attention to client care is designed to provide you with ​years of worry-free hearing aid service.

We Will Help You Understand Hearing Loss.

Our practice is dedicated to an unparalleled level of personal care for your unique lifestyle.

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