If you’re tired of wondering if your hearing aid batteries are going to die in the middle of an important event or conversation, talk to us about the great rechargeable hearing aid options available today.

Why Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

They provide long-lasting performance on a single charge, they can be easily recharged anywhere you can find an electrical outlet and they eliminate the need to carry spare batteries around with you.

One of the most traditionally frustrating things about hearing aids has been wondering if alkaline batteries were going to wear out at an inconvenient time. Many a conversation, movie and tv show has been ruined for people by a battery dying at an inopportune moment. That inconvenience is compounded by having to carry bulky spare batteries and the awkward experience of excusing excuse oneself to go and install them. Thanks to contemporary rechargeable technology, those experiences are a thing of the past. Rechargeable hearing aids feature built-in batteries that charge-up easily and can provide an entire day’s worth of crystal-clear hearing on a single charge. And if they need charging along the way, an easily portable charging unit lets you step aside to recharge without fiddling with battery compartments and loose batteries.

Visit us at Bluewater and let us show you how rechargeable tech can bring peace of mind to your life.

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