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Your smartphone is connected to just about everything else in your life—why not your hearing aid? Smartphone compatibility means being able to adjust your hearing aid from an app, take and reject phone calls directly from your hearing aid and more.

What’s Available?

We can do so much with our smartphones, today, it’s incredible. The range of apps is mind-boggling: nearly 3 million on Google Play and just over 2 million on Apple’s App Store. Many of those apps allow users to control various devices. Given that, it isn’t surprising that the world of hearing aid technology has been looking into such capabilities. There are now hearing aids that can be controlled directly from a smartphone; that means no more trying to manipulate small controls or having to remove a hearing aid when you need to see the controls. Adjustments can be made with simple app commands. Another breakthrough is the ability of smartphones and hearing aids to connect via Bluetooth, allowing users to take and reject calls directly from their hearing aid, even if their smartphone is across the room.

Hearing is believing with this kind if tech, so please visit us at Bluewater Hearing for a demonstration.

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