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With technology available today, you can route the sound from your TV straight into your hearing aid. That lets you keep the room volume at a comfortable level for family members and guests, while giving you as much personal volume as you need.

What’s Available?

People with hearing loss often deal with a lot of ribbing or complaints from friends and family members about how loud they keep their television volume. Sure, you might say people should be more considerate, but if they live in the same house as that blaring television, you can’t quite blame them for being at least a little frustrated. And if they’re guests who have come over to watch a ballgame or movie, they’d probably like to be able to enjoy a bit of conversation, too, without having to shout. Wireless hearing aid technology has put incredible volume control abilities in the palm of the hand for hearing aid users. By pairing with a television via Bluetooth, wireless hearing aids allow the wearer to select whatever volume level he or she needs, while keeping the actual room volume at a comfortable level for others.

Phonak TVLink

Turn your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones.

Streaming starts as soon as TVLink and the connected audio source are switched on.

Connects to all modern television sets with analog or digital outputs

Phonak ComPilot

The multi-purpose streamer with up to 24 hours of streaming time.

Excellent stereo sound streaming from a variety of audio sources, direct to your hearing aids.

Adjust volume and program settings of your Phonak hearing aids.

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Hearing Aids

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