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The wireless revolution has transformed life in many ways and the world of hearing aids is feeling the same tide of progress. Wireless hearing aid tech is giving people with hearing loss a whole new sense of freedom.

Why Wireless?

Every day, just about everyone enjoys the benefits of wireless technology. In fact, there are more than 5 billion wireless subscribers worldwide; that doesn’t even take into account all of the non-subscriber tech people have in their homes, such as wireless speakers that pick up sound from the TV. Thanks to recent advances in hearing technology, hearing aid users are now getting in on the benefits of wireless, too. Whether they’re connecting their hearing aids to their smartphones for hands-free calling, connecting to the TV for personalized, discreet volume control, or connecting to streaming sound at a concert or lecture, people with hearing loss can take advantage of the wireless revolution in amazing ways

Come see us at Bluewater and find out for yourself how wireless hearing aids can make a difference in your life by freeing you up to enjoy it on your terms (and at your preferred volume).

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Hearing Aids

We dispense several major hearing aid brands allowing you to choose from the most advanced technology available today. Our attention to client care is designed to provide you with ​years of worry-free hearing aid service.

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