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If you suspect hearing loss, odds are you have some.

A physical exam can help you discover and solve for a cardiovascular problem, a hearing assessment can help you understand where you stand in terms of hearing health and what steps you need to take in order to preserve it.

Hearing touches so many aspects of life but, unfortunately, it’s easily taken for granted, in part because we’ve had it for so long. You started responding to sound in your mother’s womb at about 16 weeks! We tend to be so accustomed to hearing that we don’t give it a second thought until the ability starts to go away

Here are just a few areas in which a hearing assessment can prove helpful:


Hearing loss can slowly put distance between you and others, as you withdraw from people out of frustration, or as they mistake your hearing loss for a sense of irritability or being aloof.

Overall Health

Hearing loss has been linked as an indicator to various health problems and has also been associated with an increased risk of depression and dementia.

Quality of Life

Hearing loss takes away sounds that give you joy. People who try hearing aids for the first time are often amazed at all the wonderful sounds they’ve been missing.

Getting a hearing assessment now will tell you where your hearing heath stands and give your hearing health provider a baseline to measure your hearing against in the future. Give us a call at Bluewater Hearing and we’ll be glad to discuss the quick, easy and painless assessment process with you.

Typical Warning Signs of Hearing Loss.

People wait for 5 to 7 years after first experiencing hearing loss symptoms before seeking help.

Difficulty hearing from a distance
Family or neighbour complains that radio or TV is played too loudly
Problems hearing speech in the presence of background noise
Difficulty understanding soft speech or female and children’s voices
Others find the affected person speaks too loudly
Often having to ask people to repeat themselves
Other people appear to mumble
Inability to hear common sounds in the household, such as alarm clock, water-tap etc.

Not Sure If You Have Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss frequently goes unnoticed because it happens gradually.

​If you’re not sure you’ve experienced “moments of speech lacking clarity” ​take our online hearing test.

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It may surprise you to know that there is more than one type of hearing loss; in fact, there are three−conductive, sensorineural and mixed.

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