Nashlea Brogan

Nashlea decided to become a Doctor of Audiology after she started to lose her own hearing at age 18. Her hearing worsened over the years until she was completely deaf. During this time, her own Audiologist encouraged and inspired her to become a Doctor of Audiology.

Before getting cochlear implants years later, Nashlea grew to understand that a hearing loss isn’t just a health issue that can be resolved with hearing aids. It affects your whole life; your schooling, work, social life and personal relationships. She knew that in order to fully help people, she needed to take a holistic approach to caring for the physical, emotional and lifestyle hearing needs of her patients.

Nashlea’s first-hand experience struggling with her own diagnosis and the practical day-to-day changes she had to make has helped her to become a better and more compassionate audiologist. She devotes a lot of time counseling patients to help them successfully adapt to their new hearing lifestyle and has created a specialized team at Bluewater Hearing to extend that level of care over the lifespan of your treatment.

When Nashlea isn’t seeing patients and running a business, she enjoys skiing in British Columbia with her husband Dr. Stephane Lefebvre (Lefebvre Dentistry) and participating in competitive bodybuilding. She’s also a full-time mom to Pearson and Rochelle and spends a lot of time traveling with her son to play soccer, and to Highland Dance competitions with her daughter.

April 3, 2019