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Hearing health services

Virtual care are visits between our staff and our patients through the use of communication technology, such as video calls.  Through this method, we can ensure that you are receiving the best and most convenient care from the comfort of your home.


Virtually, our staff at Bluewater Hearing can:

Discuss your history along with any concerns and needs you may have about your hearing 
Discuss hearing test results and next steps
Offer counselling for those learning how to deal with hearing loss
Discuss new hearing technology options
Hearing aid tune-up & programming
Adjust your current hearing aid settings
Help you to troubleshoot your current hearing aids if any issues arise
Provide hearing aid education, such as insertion and removal, changing the battery, cleaning and how to use buttons or accessories

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Typical Warning Signs of Hearing Loss.

People wait for 5 to 7 years after first experiencing hearing loss symptoms before seeking help.

Difficulty hearing from a distance
Family or neighbour complains that radio or TV is played too loudly
Problems hearing speech in the presence of background noise
Difficulty understanding soft speech or female and children’s voices
Others find the affected person speaks too loudly
Often having to ask people to repeat themselves
Other people appear to mumble
Inability to hear common sounds in the household, such as alarm clock, water-tap etc.

We Will Help You Understand Hearing Loss.

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